It is so fulfilling to see everyone who uses The Sugar House Shop’s Advent Calendar patterns, is able to create a whimsical one-of-a-kind countdown calendar worthy of becoming the most cherished heirloom in the family.

Before I created The Sugar House Shop, I dreamed of the days of my childhood when my sister and I would count down to Christmas with the felt wreath Advent Calendar my mother created just for us. We cherished waking up each morning, taking turns to add a new ornament. We knew the fancier the wreath became the closer it was to Christmas Day.

Decades later I was helping my grandfather decorate his home for before our family Christmas party. As I unpacked some boxes I pulled out the vintage felt Advent Calendar my grandmother had created for her children in the 1940’s. I knew then and there I had to carry on the tradition and find the perfect pattern to create a similar countdown or my young family. I searched and searched, but couldn’t find the perfect pattern with the right amount of vintage flair and also had a fresh modern look. I decided to develop my own pattern and The Sugar House Shop was born.